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LOAN PRODUCTS                        Click Here for Loan Application

Personal Loan
Members in good credit standing may borrow funds up to a specific amount on signatures alone. No security is necessary. Signature loans range from 12 to 60 months.  

New & Used Auto Loan
Purchasing a new or used car is very easy. Loan officers at Oahu Federal Credit Union will help members determine the price of any new or used car. Oahu Federal Credit Union can pre-qualify a member for an auto loan and assist the member in establishing a fair price.

Share Secured Loan
A Share Secured Loan is secured with funds in the member's Share (Savings) Account.

VISA Classic Credit Card
Oahu Federal Credit Union's VISA Classic Credit Card provides members with purchasing power and convenience.  
Our card program offers:
  ~  A low interest rate
  ~  No annual fee
  ~  A 25 day grace period on purchases
  ~  A $250,000 Accidental Death Travel
       Insurance on common carrier purchases
  ~  Quick cash convenience at thousands of  
       automated teller machines in Hawaii and
       around the world
  ~  A Collision Damage Insurance Policy
  ~  Travel Advantage services which include health, security, travel and entertainment benefits

Tuition Loan
Oahu Federal Credit Union assists members with independent school (pre-k through grade 12) tuition costs. Oahu Federal Credit Union offers a special 12-month Tuition Loan at a discount rate.

Oahu Federal Credit Union offers various mortgage programs to meet your needs.  Please call the Loan Department at 521-6727 for detailed information. NMLS #576604

Personal line-of-credit
Loan features:
  . Unsecured line of credit
  . Access using a check
  . Credit lines up to $15,000.00 for   homeowners available     
  . Credit lines up to $10,000.00 for  nonhomeowners
  . Interest rate is Wall Street prime rate plus 1% with a floor of  7.5%,  rate subjects to change quarterly  
  . Free loan checks
  . No annual fee
  . Separate monthly statements and billing

Home Equity Credit Line
Oahu Federal Credit Union's Home Equity Credit Line features:
~A competitive rate
~Flexible terms
~No points or prepayment penalties
~Fast loan approvals
~No annual fees
Upon receipt of your on-line application, Oahu Federal Credit Union will send you the Home Equity Early Disclosure and the booklet, "When Your Home is on the Line.”
Certain limitations apply and rates are subject to change.  For current information, please call our Loans Department at 521-6727 or visit the Credit Union. NMLS #576604


Regular Share (Savings)
A Regular Share (Savings) Account establishes membership in Oahu Federal Credit Union.  A minimum deposit of $5 is  required to open an account.  Accounts of $5 or more will earn dividends (interest).  Accounts below $5 may be closed if the $5 required minimum balance is not restored within six months from the time the balance goes below $5.

Savings are the backbone of a credit union.  The monies that members save at Oahu Federal Credit Union  become the source of loan funds.  The more that is saved, the more may be loaned.

In addition to paying favorable dividend (interest) rates, all accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the United States Government.  Funds are safe at Oahu Federal Credit Union!

Share Draft
Oahu Federal Credit Union Share Draft accounts offer many advantages:

  ~  No annual fees
  ~  No minimum balance requirement
  ~  Accounts with  balances over $1,000 earn dividends
  ~  No charges per check
  ~  Free first order of credit union image checks
  ~  No annual fee for Overdraft Line of  Credit.  This credit line will cover any check withdrawal that exceed the account  balance (subject to credit approval).

Share Certificate
Members who have funds available for an extended length of time may earn higher dividends through the Share Certificate program.  For information on rates and terms please call Oahu FCU at 521-6727.
Christmas Club Account
Open a Christmas Club Account anytime between October 1 and January 31. It's a great way to save and to earn interest.  A minimum daily balance of $5.00 is required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.
The Christmas Club Account distributes the entire balance once each year on September 30.  Withdrawal at any other time will require closure of the account and forfeiture of all accrued interest. Maximum of $10,000.00  

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)
A comfortable retirement tomorrow means saving today.  Oahu Federal Credit Union provides various Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plans (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Education IRA, etc.) with attractive dividend (interest) rates. An IRA may be opened with a minimum of $100.00.

Dividends will be compounded and credited to your account every quarter. 

Call the office for additional information about eligibility and dividend yields on IRA.

Youth Club
0 - 19 years.  A minimum daily balance of $5 is required to open the account and to earn dividends. 

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